Understanding the reality of expansion

Whenever a being expands in awareness and deepens in understanding, reality becomes richer. This is self-evident on the basis that with an expanded and deepened awareness you have access to more information, to more experience, to more knowledge. Being able to synthesise and make sense of one’s experience of reality is the main process that propels our deepening. The consensus among conventional scientists now is that everything is in constant motion, that nothing is static. What is the significance of that? It illuminates the most basic principle of life: that everything is movement, everything is energy, life is experience. So, when there is an expansion of awareness, the individual consciousness’ field of knowing becomes more inclusive, hence enriched. Avoidance of the unknown limits us to a tiny little patch of human existence labelled “what I already know”. How can we fully thrive living a life where we are perpetuating an unadaptable condition, repeating the same experiences, reiterating the same knowledge, exercising the same egoic patterns again and again? How can our aspirations of living a life that is adventurous, crisp and revelatory be fulfilled in such a state of inner stagnation and rigidity? The short answer is… it cannot.

Consider a sequence of moments where you are consciously aware of the sensations in your body, the presence of your being, and awake to the thoughts and images when they arise in your mind. You are also curious about what is happening, so parallel with the experience you enact an ongoing inquiry into the meaning of it. Now, contrast this to a sequence of moment where you are totally consumed in your mind’s drama thinking frantically about the past or anxiously about the future. Do you see the difference in how expansive the first state is and how the latter is a state of narrow contraction? Do you see how rich life is when we are truly in the now relative to when we are not? Imagine how profound, fresh and liberating it would be to live a life of continual presence…


Consistently evoking, sensing and cultivating the love for truth leads you to exactly that, deeper truth…


Practice offering: every morning, immediately after you wake up, sit for 2-20 minutes and scan your body with your awareness from top to bottom and bottom to top. Feel into the soles of your feet, the flesh of your thighs, the centre of your gut, the core of your heart, the balls of your eyes, the sensation of your bones; scan your whole body with sincere attention. After you have done this to satisfaction place your attention in your belly centre which is located 4 cm below your navel point and 5 cm in. Rest your attention here and bring it back every time your mind wanders. This is a simple yet powerful practice that will expand your consciousness, improve your concentration and root your sense of presence. Do this every morning for 4 weeks as an integral part of your life. You will also find that you in daily life become more aware of yourself, more sensitive to life and more rooted in the present.


This article is an excerpt from the e-book The Art of Evolution written by Wazee. To receive it in full click here.

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